HP and The Prisoner of Azkaban. Behind the scenes with Tom Felton.

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I wanted him to look like a snarling baboon”


Buster Reeves, fight co-ordinator and Tom Hardy’s stunt double

Bane’s a big brute, and it takes about 15 shots to deliver what he can do in one blow, so Batman had to be less aggressive, more clever. I had to think about how he could be a bit like Muhammad Ali, hit and not get hit. Mike Tyson versus Floyd Mayweather was what I had in mind.

Lindy Hemming, costume designer

I was working with Chris when [he and his brother, Jonathan Nolan] were still writing the script, so we were discussing where Bane came from, why he ended up wearing that mask. We were asking questions like: What is that mask? How did it come to be made? Where did Bane’s clothes come from, and why is he wearing them? It was really intensive. I drew hundreds of masks, faces, shapes. We always knew that he was being fed the “Venom” steroid – in our case the anaesthetic – because of his past injuries, and I wanted him to look like a snarling baboon. The reference pictures we were taking and finding were very much angry wild animals.

Wally Pfister

One of our challenges was to make Bane look bigger, like he’s towering over the other characters. Tom Hardy is not physically larger than Christian Bale or the other thugs that are around him, so really, in terms of photography, the approach was to keep Bane looking mysterious and massive.

Harry Lu, armourer

I worked with practically every character except Batman. Batman does not need guns – and there are some big guns in this film. We have a Barrett .50 caliber at one point, which is about a big a weapon as a man can carry. It’s heavy! I worked with Tom Hardy a little bit, but his character’s physical power is his main weapon.

Buster Reeves

I became Tom’s stunt double because the guy who was originally going to be doubling for him blew out his anterior cruciate ligament really close to one of the big fights between Bane and Batman. They said to me, “Look, can you pack on a bit of beef in two weeks and do the fighting?” I wasn’t too far off: I just had to eat a bit more protein, do a little less cardio, a bit more lifting and I just blew up. I have that kind of frame.

I was very impressed at how quickly Tom had bulked up. He came in as a normal-sized guy and put on 25lbs of muscle in eight weeks. He was so fit, when we were doing some of the fight scenes with him we had to tell him to slow down. He was too fast for some of the guys to react to.

Lindy Hemming

He was so fit, it was incredible.


He was so fit, when we were doing some of the fight scenes with him we had to tell him to slow down. He was too fast for some of the guys to react to.”


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